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    Baraka referral code: RPW4W6

    Check out this new investing app in the GCC. With baraka you can get up to $50 in free credit by using my referral code RPW4W6


    1. Referral Bonus Program is valid for existing qualifying customers who have successfully completed a referral.
    2. A referral cannot be given to an existing or a previous Baraka customer.
    3. Free Credit are only awarded if the referred customer has been onboarded, funded their account, made their first trade, and used a valid referral code during sign up.
    4. For a referrer to be eligible for Free Credit, they must have been already onboarded and verified.
    5. The Free Credit will be a random value. The probability is weighted, so higher values will be rarer.
    6. The cash proceeds from a sale of a stock purchased using Free Credit may be withdrawn no earlier than 60 calendar days after the execution of the trade using Free Credit.

    View more referral codes : here!

    baraka referral code

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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